Crisis Hotline: 724 662-2227 | Central Intake: 724 662-2230 | General Information: 724 662-1550

Service Partnerships

Autism and Education Resource Institute
•AHEADD- college support program for higher functioning Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, and Non-verbal Learning disorders
o Contact Nicole Jarock- 866-727-2374

Children’s Aid Society
•Mentoring Program for individuals ages 14 and up, transitioning into adulthood

o Contact- Ken Laaks- 724-662-4730
Community Counseling Center
•Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program•18+ years of age
•Builds skills to improve mental health recovery•Contact Darlene Reddinger- 724-981-6193

•Supportive Housing•18+ year of age
•Assists learning independent living skills
•Contact Darlene Reddinger- 724-981-6193

Educational Advocate
•MCAR•Contact- Nicci Jones- 724-981-2950, ext. 207

Charlene Ramage- 724-981-2950, ext. 209
•Elks Home Service Nurse•Mary Lynn Kerr- 814-382-0326

Educational Planner (fee associated)
•Provide assistance with transitioning into adulthood within the school system•Contact- Sue McLaughlin- 724-346-0982

Mercer County Assistance Office
•Food stamps, medical assistance, utility assistance•Contact- 724-983-5000 or to apply on-line

Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission
•Case Management programs•All ages
•Links, coordinates, and monitors services
•Contact Central Intake Unit for assessment and referrals- 724-662-2230

Mercer County Children and Youth
•Independent Living program

o Contact- Whitney Galati- 724-662-3800, ext. 3125
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
•Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor working with transition age youth

o Contact- Kevin Younkins at 724-983-5723 or
Penn State Cooperative Extension in Mercer County
•Offers youth and family development programs such as 4-H•Contact- 724-662-3141

Value Behavioral Health- member line
•Managed-care company to help coordinate care, education and assistance to access services

o Contact- 1-866-404-4561

Respite Services
- 3 hour respite service one Friday a month and registration is required prior to attending
•Bethel Life Worship Center-•Contact- Denise Bell- 724-456-1657
• for registration forms

•Grove City Alliance Church-•Contact- Rebecca Montgomery- 814-602-6508 or

St. Michael’s Harbor
•Transition into Adulthood Program (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Job Coaching program

o Contact- Mike Mikita- 724-982-0414
Special Kids Network
•Parent Resource•Contact- Paulette Testoni- 814-270-5553
Young Life Penn-West
•Faith-based organization working with youth and young adults in the community•Contact- 724-372-9257

Youth Advocate and Adult Services
•Supported employment and Developmental Disabilities respite•Contact- Regina Scarmack- 724-342-1455

Support Groups
•Autism Spectrum Support Group•Contact- Andrea- 724-992-2527

•Asperger’s Social Group•Second Wednesday of every month, 6PM-7:30PM•15 years and older
•MCAR, 850 N. Hermitage Road, Hermitage, PA

•Contact- Nicci Jones- 724-981-2950, ext. 207

•Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia self-help group•Meets every Thursday 5:30-6:45PM
•Notre Dame Church, Founder’s Room, 2325 Highland Road, Hermitage, PA
•Contact- Renee Zamary- 724-981-5435 or 724-301-7788

•Parents and Caregivers of Children with Mental Health Challenges•Contact Jeanette Murray-Hall 724-815-5836

•Celebrate Recovery- recovery group for all of life’s stress’s•Anthony’s Point, 3679 E. State St, Hermitage, PA•Meets every Friday 7PM

•Bethel Life Worship Center, 195 Columbia Ave, Greenville, PA
•Meets every Monday 6:30-8:30PM

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