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Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) are available in Mercer County for children and adolescents diagnosed with an emotional disturbance and/or a mental illness: are eligible for Medical Assistance; and have been prescribed as medically necessary by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. These services are intended to “wraparound” and provide services to children and adolescents at home, school, or in the community in order to prevent a more restrictive/intrusive level of care. BHR services are provided in Mercer County through 13 provider agencies.

The MCBHC’s Central Intake Unit provides two BHRS monitors (county designees) who participate in Interagency Service Planning Team meetings, and whose role it is to ensure that all other community based service options are explored. These two case managers attend all initial BHRS meetings as well as ISPT meeting of multi-system children (involved in 3 or more child serving systems); meetings for children who have been recommended to receive Family Based Mental Health Services. Additionally, they participate in Value Behavioral Health’s Grievance Level 2 meetings as a voting member of the panel. The BHRS monitors’ other duties and responsibilities include maintaining the BHRS data base which represents a comprehensive view of a child’s history of BHR services and other recommendations, as well as providing follow-up with families who have been authorized services other than what was requested.

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