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Intellectual Disabilities  Services

Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination services are provided on an individualized basis to children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Supports Coordination is designed to provide consumers with assistance in locating, coordinating and monitoring needed services and supports. Supports Coordination services are intended to enhance individual self-sufficiency and independence of living in all identified areas. Service development focuses on the specific individual needs utilizing the principles of self-determination, person centered planning and service choice and preference. The Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, Inc. provides Supports Coordination in the form of Targeted Service Management (TSM) for Medical Assistance eligible consumers and Administrative Case Management (ACM) for consumers that are not medical assistance eligible.Within TSM Supports Coordination is the Home and Community Based Waiver program. This Federal Waiver provides specialized services to Medical Assistance eligible individuals with Intellectual Disabilities utilizing state and federal funding for specific community-based services. Individuals previously cared for in an institution, or if they are at risk of institutional placement, can be targeted for Waiver services. The Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, Inc. currently participates in three Home and Community Based Waiver Programs: Consolidated Waiver, Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) Waiver, and Infants, Toddlers and Families Waiver (Early Intervention). Along with the individual and their team, the Waiver program is responsible for determining the type of community-based services to be offered. These range from various living arrangements to work and community involvement. The Waiver may also provide for respite, minor physical adaptations to the home, and approved specialized therapies. The individual, with assistance of family and/or others, chooses their services to meet their needs.

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