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Mobile Psychiatric Nursing

Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission continues to provide Mobile Psychiatric Nursing (MPN) services to assist individuals with Serious Mental Illness who are residing in a community setting and are experiencing difficulties maintaining adherence to their medication regiment. For many individuals, the lack of consistent medication compliance frequently results in an increase in mental health crisis and an overall decline in mental health stability. Frequently, the inconsistency in medication compliance results in an inpatient treatment stay. MPN services are delivered to consumers within their community environment. The primary focus of MPN services is to encourage compliance with prescribed treatment. MPN services are targeted to individuals eighteen years or older who reside in Mercer County. Consumers must be actively involved in outpatient services and be under the care of a prescribing physician. Consumers targeted for this service are primarily those with a Serious Mental Health Illness (SMI) and typically have had high utilization of local inpatient services as well as those that have been discharged from a state hospital. Services are provided by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. Nursing staff assess an individual based upon the following areas: Consumer skills to manage their medication regimen, Degree of risk for crisis/hospitalization, Negative Side Effects, Insight into diagnosis and symptom recognition, and Co-occurring medical conditions. Based upon their assessment, nursing staff can determine level of contact frequency. Consumers are provided a medication organizer to assist them in managing their dosing frequency and schedule. A mobile medication plan is developed that identifies particular goals and objectives related to an individual’s recovery goals. Services are voluntary and require active participation of the consumer.

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