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Recovery Specialist Services

In August 2010, the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission implemented a Drug/Alcohol Recovery Specialist Program. Recovery Specialist services are provided by a Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB) Drug and Alcohol Recovery Specialist which involves 54 hours of training as well as a certification exam. Recovery Specialist services are provided to individuals with addiction issues or co-occurring mental health and addiction issues in need of outreach, mentoring, and peer support in all stages of the recovery process.

To be eligible for Recovery Specialist Services, an individual must consent to the service and meet all the following criteria:

  • The individual is at least 18 years of age
  • The individual is a Mercer County resident
  • The individual has a documented primary diagnosis of Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Dependency, or a co-occurring MH/D&A diagnosis with equal severity of conditions
  • The individual is willing to participate in, and receive, Recovery Specialist Services

Recovery Specialist services are delivered by individuals with experience in recovery and addiction. Services are community-based delivered in a variety of settings including the consumer’s home, community, treatment provider locations, etc. Recovery Specialist services are voluntary in nature and must be agreed upon by the consumer. Service planning and goals are consumer driven.

Recovery Specialist Services are intended to support the individual’s recovery through the following activities:

  • Consistent support and guidance before, during, and after, any and all treatment episodes
  • Encourage and identify educational and employment opportunities
  • Help individuals to build or rebuild positive, constructive relationships with family and others
  • Accompaniment and support to alcohol and drug free social and recreational opportunities and activities
  • Accompaniment and support to participate in carious community support programs and meetings
  • Provide ongoing assistance in obtaining and/or maintaining services from multiple systems including D/A, MH, Medical, Criminal Justice, CYS, etc.
  • Offer guidance on the recovery experience, to include stage appropriate recovery education
  • Offer support related to obstacles that are often encountered during the early stages of recovery
  • Assist in the development of an Individualized Recovery Plan
  • Facilitate access to various community resources to ensure basic needs are met
  • Monitor the individual’s recovery progress and stability

Expected program outcomes are individualized based on specific participants needs and are identified in their Recovery Plan. Other outcomes for the program will be first to assist these individuals in achieving and maintaining stability in their recovery and sobriety. Second, the program will support and enhance traditional drug and alcohol treatment and case management services and promote participation in recovery oriented activities. And lastly, the program will attempt to reduce the need of intensive and expensive levels of treatment such as residential rehabilitation programs.

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