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prevetiombillboardThe MCBHC’s Prevention unit works to provide comprehensive ATOD prevention strategies that are structured to reduce individual and environmental risk factors and to increase resiliency factors in individuals.

The prevention strategies include:

  • information dissemination
  • promotion of community-based
  • prevention focused partnerships
  • community standards and policies that support health practices
  • positive alternative activities that exclude the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Specifically, the prevention specialists provide:

  • education regarding substance abuse and addiction, life skills, family management, parenting, leadership  and advocacy development


Jdap med return image

What to do if you have expired or unused prescription drugs in your home:

Unused prescription medications in homes create a public health and safety concern, because they can be accidentally ingested, stolen, misused, and abused. Select the link below to find permanent prescription drug take back boxes in Mercer County. 

Click here for a list of drop off box locations